Polo Customer Survey

Terms and Conditions – Polo Customer Survey

  1. This survey is organised by Polo Distribution (Pty) Ltd (‘Polo’).
  2. By submitting a survey, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  3. The survey is not open to anyone associated with or affiliated to Polo or the sponsors or organisers or a supplier of goods or services to the survey.
  4. You will not receive any compensation or credit for use of your entry by Polo in any way during or after the survey.
  5. You may not complete more than one survey.
  6. Late, incomplete, incorrect, or illegible entries will be disregarded.
  7. No responsibility is accepted for entries that are late, delayed, misdirected or incomplete, or for failures due to malfunctions in communication services or for any other reason caused by events beyond the control of Polo, which may cause the survey or entries to be disrupted or corrupted.
  8. Personal information submitted as part of this survey will only be used to notify the potential winners, for purposes related to the survey, as well as for marketing with an opt out option.
  9. By completing and/or returning this survey you consent to use of your personal information by Polo. Personal information will only be used to conduct market research and in the course of Polo’s business.  You consent to all such use.  Polo undertakes to provide your personal information to a third party only if:
  10. such third party is a service provider that provides services to Polo, including but not limited to financial services, consulting, advertising and marketing services and technical support;
  11. such third party is an intellectual property rights holder, supervisory authority, tax authority, police and/or other regulatory authority required or entitled to carry out certain legal obligations;
  12. such third party is a company with whom Polo intends merging;
  13. Polo has been given your express consent to share such information; or
  14. Polo is by law allowed to disclose such personal information to a third party. No appeals or correspondences will be entered into.
  15. Polo reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the survey at any time if events or circumstances occur outside its control which makes this necessary.   You will have no recourse whatsoever against Polo and its associated agencies and retailers in this event.
  16. Polo, its associated agencies and retailers shall not be liable for and you hereby indemnify and hold Polo harmless against any claim, liability, damages (whether direct or indirect), cost, expense or penalty suffered or incurred by any person as a result of participating in the survey.
  17. Personal information will not be shared with outside, Polo marketing will hold all information while still relevant.
  18. For all enquiries regarding our surveys, contact Polo Customer Services on (011) 258 7728