Why should I care about counterfeit products?

A counterfeit is an imitation fraudulently passed off as a genuine product. Counterfeiting not only destroys the integrity and value of the Polo brand but affects our business and our economy. Counterfeiters do not pay duties or taxes nor fair wages or prices to their suppliers. Counterfeits cannot be exchanged and have no guarantee. Counterfeit is related to organised crime and is imported and sold by criminal networks.

There are many activities that can be characterized as organised crime such as counterfeit goods, trafficking in weapons, drug trafficking, smuggling of migrants, money- laundering and some aspects of cybercrime. It threatens peace and human security and leads to human rights being violated. Each year, countless lives are lost as a result of organised crime.

What should I do if I accidentally purchased counterfeit goods and want to report it?

Polo has a zero tolerance approach to counterfeiting and works closely with law enforcement to remove counterfeits from the market place. We urge you not to support counterfeit products.


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